Congratulations Are In Order

October 3rd, 2014

Congratulations to our fearless leader, XOSkeleton! XO just received his 10 year award! If you want to learn more about XOSkeleton, read his biography here on the USV website. He is the senior member of the We3 and has been tending the Zen garden for a long time. Skelly is not only wise, but he is continually here for USVers. We appreciate the time and energy he puts into USV. You can usually find him in Natural Selection, but sometimes he makes an appearance in TF2. Great job, Skelly!

Congrats as well to our 5 year mark members, Fraulein, Mujo, Oldman1955 and Bashman. USV just wouldn’t be the awesome guild it is without you here. Each one of you brings something to the garden and we are glad you’re here. :)

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The Ville Cup 2014 Update

June 19th, 2014

As the teams gear up for their first match, rules are still being changed and teams fine tuned. This is an exciting time for everyone. With two USV captains this year, the competition is fierce. :) Soup Nazi’s team T.O.O.L. is in fine shape with many key players in TF2. He’s got some big hitters on his team including Xorvious, Black&Blue, BigErn, F13ND, Big Caulk, Uber, Jettah, Wasp, Zero and many more. kkpyro’s team GTA consists of some talent as well. Many have played TF2 since the Orange Box. Some of the names you may recognize include, Checkm8, Seventhorn, Maple Man, Lemons, Vi Deo, Daff, Greybeard and more. Many USV are involved in TVC as well. Inner, RumpleNose Dimple, ADevilishPotato, SchruteFarms, Peahats, and C4ridw3n are the USV that make up the remaining teams. I’m pleased to say that each team has a USV showing. Very impressive, my fellow guild members!

Be sure to stay tuned this weekend (6/21) as we kick off the season. This Ville Cup will be challenging for many. With 5 out of the 6 captains debuting this year, it guarantees that you will see some new strategies, some different ideas and have lots of fun watching. Tune into the Ville Broadcasting to view these matches. For more info visit The Ville Forums at .

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Congrats To Our USV Graduates!

May 31st, 2014

Congratulations to all our grads at USV!

There is a good reason they call these ceremonies “commencement exercises.”

Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning. ~Orrin Hatch

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Leading to Victory in TVC -An extremely short version by USV Inner

May 21st, 2014

There is no silver bullet to winning The Ville Cup, but you knew that, right? It’s much more complicated than that and it can be extremely easy or extremely difficult. The only certain thing is that it is extremely fun. I’ve won one and lost one and both times it was enough fun I didn’t want it to end.

If you want to be a Captain because you’re an awesome player, you probably should not apply. Being a Captain has very little to do with your playing abilities. Being awesome won’t hurt of course, but that’s not the Captain’s job. To use a military example, does a General really need to be the most awesome tank driver, or sharpshooter, or whatever? Of course not, those things are not a General’s job.

Can you manage people? Are you a natural leader? Have you been a parent? Organized a school activity? Do people ask you what to do in whatever you do? Can you herd cats? These are a few of the clues you might be a successful Captain. As Captain you’re going to have to organize and work closely with a dozen or so people. Each of them has their own unique abilities, personalities and schedules. You job is to help them work together as a team. If all goes well, then you simply get out of their way and let them win. If it doesn’t go well, it is your fault and you need to make some changes.

The bulk of the Captain’s job is done before the games even begin. By the time the draft for players comes along you’ll probably have many hours of work already invested. Who you draft will factor heavily into your ultimate victory. You don’t need, or probably even want, a team full of star players. You do want a team of really good players who can work well together. That’s my take at any rate. After the draft and before the games begin is also a crucial time. This is when you set the tone and tempo for the rest of the season. You get to establish your team’s name, communication methods, in game and out of game roles, practice plans, and more. By the time that first game comes around it would not be surprising for you to have 20 hours of work already into the games. Maybe less, but you will certainly notice the time involved. Once the games begin your “Captaining time” will probably only be an extra hour or so more than the players per week. All this is to say, again, the time demands for a Captain are heavily front-end loaded so be prepared. Great front-end work helps the victory come easily.

With all this talk about working I should remind you it is primarily about having fun! But somebody does have to organize that fun. Also worth mention is that no matter how great you are as Captain and no matter how great your team is, you must accept that luck and circumstance do factor in. When it’s all over and done, win or lose, you want everybody on your team to be able to say, “That was fun, let’s do it again!”

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Update time at last

August 24th, 2013

So someone has been a lazy boy and has not updated this in a long long time

Now lets start with the new commers
15th of October 2011
Soup Nazi came to bring some more moisture to our garden so the grees would be just a little more purple

31st of December 2011
Peahats came to help us fix the holes in the wall that eVa was using to come and “borrow” our nice and cool beverages.

27th of March 2012
ADevilishPotato was brought in to help us “hide” the Kilaaaak parts they left behind that failed attack (I hope eVa guys wont read this and blame me for that)

25th of October 2012
Inner decided to come and fix our garden gate…and he is still fixing it we will have to see if he ever gets it to work

27th of November 2012
KKpyro was needed to kill some weeds that TVB had gotten to grow in our garden, I blamed the gate for that.

11th of January 2013
StephUhhKnee came to help us with those writings on the sand boxes and she did us proud.

28th of March 2013
Xorvious had to come and clean up after Maaaabelle and flung the droppings to TVB side of the wall.

10th of June 2013
Oldman1955 came to bump up our average age and put his wisdom to work so some Kilaak spray would come off of our wall

13th of August 2013
We had a double snag
Maple Man has been told to excel in dead-heading and keeping the garden looking fresh and tidy.
Rumple Nose-Dimple has the patience for a bonsai project so he has one in the west corner.

Now I hope I rememberd all of the new ones.
Just a few names there so we will need to try and keep this up to date from now on.
New garden updates will come as someone has time to whip the reporter in place.

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Multiple Newbies this Year

February 19th, 2011

Well, not new to the games by any means but USV does have three new additions to start the year of right.  First one to come on board on January 22nd was Fraulein Ärztin.  Then on February 11th and 14th Mortis462 and [XIRP]FlamingCheeseWheel joined the ranks. USV is happy to start the new year out so well and the more that I am on the servers I get to play with familiar faces and friends.

Please send your welcomes in the forms of rockets, arrows, nades, or any other fire power of your choosing.

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Two More, Ixtab and Roirdan…. is the year over?

December 3rd, 2010

For the last month of 2010 we welcome aboard two of friends that I know from the L4D2 world. Ixtab and Roirdan have accepted invitations to our little group to help mix margaritas and clean up after JD. Of course, Mr. Doe believes it might be best if people are behind him anyway because he’ll probably just shoot you if you’re in front. Even so, it will be a head shot because even his friendly fires are fairly accurate.

Welcome you two, hope to see you in more games and even some TF2.

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Kethuo and Oldman

November 26th, 2010

Recruiting for all the guilds at The Ville has been slow, but this month USV has picked up two members who have been around the servers a while and are long over due for putting on any of the guild tags. Please welcome Ketchuo and Oldman while on the servers or over in the forums. We’re looking at a another pair by the end of the year, making 2010 one of our larger recruiting years.

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We Found D.B.Cooper

April 25th, 2010

2010 has been a good year for USV and our new members. Cooper is a long time villun who is great to game with and always spams the shoutbox with endless amounts of smilies. The combination of him and Ladee may be more than anyone can handle…. we’ll see.

On a side note, we are trying a new section for our members created specifically for JD as no one was quite sure were he belongs now.

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Members Come and Go

April 21st, 2010

I just wanted to put out an update with some of the current happenings in USV. One bright note is that Bash-man decided to join up with us on March 30th, so please welcome him aboard, kill him in Warpath, or help charge him into the water. We have added several new members this year and plan to keep bringing some in to offset the changes we are seeing.

One of those changes is that our long time We3 member, Nuckin, is stepping down. Real life combined with the current selection of games is not allowing him to continue as he wants to. Skelly and me are still active and will be deciding on how to pickup a new We3 member. Nucking plans to keep around the forums occasionally and hopes to find himself playing new games in the future.

Lastly, one of our resident Canuks, JD, is moving on up to a deluxe apartment…. Well, he actually is on the new Ville Council helping to steer the ever growing community in the right direction. All the new council members decided stepping out of their current guilds would be best to alleviate any foreseen special treatment to one guild or another. Even though he has no tag, he still trolls our forums and adds his nonsense to our threads.

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